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Forest of Ruin By Kelley Armstrong|Review

Forest of Ruin (Age of Legends #3)
Published by HarperCollins on April 5th, 2016
Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
Pages: 448
Format: Hardback

In a world at war, who can you trust?

The empire rests on the edge of a knife, and sisters Ashyn and Moria are the handle and the blade. Desperate to outmaneuver the evil Alvar Kitsune, whose hold on the people grows stronger every day, Emperor Tatsu begs Moria to put aside past grievances and ally with Gavril—at least long enough to make an attempt on Alvar’s life. Meanwhile, reunited with her long-lost grandfather, Ashyn discovers that she is the key to a ritual that could reawaken an ancient dragon and turn the tide of the coming battle in their favor.

But with lies and betrayal lurking around every corner, Ashyn and Moria will have to decide once and for all where their allegiances are. And it may not be where their hearts would lead them…

In this breathtaking final book in her epic trilogy the Age of Legends, #1 New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong blends fantasy, action, and romance to give readers the unforgettable ending they’ve been waiting for. 

My Thoughts

Much like Empire of Night, Forest of Ruin mainly focused on Moria. Though it isn't that large of a deal; however, I would've liked to have seen a balance between the two twins. Besides the uneven perspectives, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. However, it had been a few months since I had read Empire of Night so I was a little wary going in. Worried that I had forgotten the entire plot, I wish there had been a few more explanations to recap what has last transpired in the previous books. Fortunately, I managed to follow the book even without having to re-read the first two. However, I highly suggest reading the first two books before diving into this one.
For the most part, Moria's internal conflict remained the same. Gavril or Tyrus? Moria and Gavril constantly refused to accept that there was nothing between them. I didn't buy it for one second, which annoyed me so much. Even some of the characters had trouble deciphering what they were. When they weren't fighting off shadow stalker, they were either avoiding each other or making excuses. It was fine for the first couple of chapters, but after halfway it because too tedious to read through. 
I never doubted Gavril for one second. Even after the way he treated Moria, I either knew or refused to accept that he was acting selfishly. It just didn't make sense for him to be protecting Moria one second and then yelling at her the next. For those of who disliked Gavril in the previous books just wait until to read this one. Yes, I did like Tyrus, but Gavril had been there since the beginning. Let's be honest, the main reason Tyrus was added into the series was to create a love triangle. Yes, he did bring a lot to the series; however, love triangles aren't all that appealing to me. 
As for Ashyn and Ronan, I definitely wish there have been more chapters revolving around them. Ashyn and Ronan's story was definitely overshadowed by Moria's indecisiveness. I felt like her chapters were overlooked due to Moria's own action-packed and suspenseful tales. 
Overall, this series was more about Moria, which really disappointed me. I was more than excited when I finished reading the first book. I honestly dreaded reading Moria's chapters. I knew everything would work out in the end because it's Moria. 
The worldbuilding, like most fantasies, can be hard and confusing to follow at times. As were some of the unusual names. I kind of wish there has been a character dictionary in the back because I often didn't know what side a few characters were on. 
One plot point that disappointed me the most was when Moria finally found the children that she and her sister had desperately searched for since the beginning. With the entire country on the verge of war, rescuing the children had been set on the back burner. When they had conveniently stumbled upon them, nothing felt right. It was almost if Kelley had forgotten about them and quickly wrote them in. The rescue only lasts for a very brief chapter. To say the least, I was very dissatisfied. After everything the characters had gone through, I was expecting much more.
This series was largely romance and horror. Though I could've done with one a little less, I still thoroughly enjoyed the series.

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