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Birth of a Warrior By Michael Ford|Review

Birth of a Warrior (Spartan Warrior #2)
Published by  Bloomsbury UK on June 2nd, 2008
Genre: Young Adult Historical Fiction
Pages: 261
Format: Paperback

Lysander had to leave his roots as a Helot slave far behind him, when he discovered his true identity as the descendant of a Spartan warrior. The training is ruthless and now he faces his toughest challenge. Sent to the mountains with nothing but a goatskin flask, he and two other boys must prove their ability to survive before they can return. Facing starvation, wild animals and the elements, Lysander discovers that his real enemy is in fact one of the other boys, sent to sabotage his trial. From his vantage point in the mountains, Lysander can see another threat on the horizon - the Persians are invading. He must prove his worth as a Spartan and return to the village as soon as possible in order to warn of the attack. But who is Lysander fighting for - to save Spartan honour, or to protect the Helot slaves, whom he used to live among? 

My Thoughts

I bought this book thinking that it was either the first in the series or a standalone. As I began to read through the first few chapters, I discovered that I had missed out on the first book. However, without even reading the first book, I think Ford did a fantastic job a recapping what had happened in the previous book. Although, I was a little disappointed in myself for picking up a book with an awesome cover without looking anything up about it. I did get a sense that Lysander and Timeon were really good friends despite the difference in class. Also, the hatred between Lysander and Demaratos hinted towards the Games that had occurred in the first book. Everything was explained thoroughly and created a perfect picture inside my mind. The only think I wish was explained a little bit more was the Fire of Ares. I understood that it was a necklace that Lysander carried around, but what was its purpose? 
I originally picked up this book for a quick, light read. I was pleasantly surprised with how much depth and creativity was pour into this book. I found myself not wanting to put it down, reading chapter after chapter. The characters are well developed, each struggling with their own beliefs and wants. I really enjoyed the mythology thrown in throughout the book.

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