Thursday, December 29, 2016

Fearless By Francine Pascal|Review

Fearless (Fearless #1)
Published by Simon Pulse on October 1st, 1999
Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
Pages: 224
Format: Paperback

Fearless introduces us to Gaia Moore, a girl born without the gene for fear. Gaia's mother was murdered, and her father, Tom Moore, a famous covert antiterrorist mastermind, is in hiding. Now 17 years old, Gaia is living in New York City with Tom's CIA friend, George, and his wife, Ella. Gaia is a prime target for terrorists and is in constant danger, but she is trained in all forms of combat so she can defend herself. Like Buffy and Xena, Gaia Moore is a force. But she is also a high school student, trying to be like everyone else. As her friendships develop, we see that Gaia is in many ways a typical teen -- when she's not busy getting herself into and out of dangerous situations, righting wrongs, avenging hurts, and solving mysteries.

My Thoughts

When I first read the synopsis, I was deeply intrigued. Experiencing life without fear and highly trained in hand-to-hand combat, high school is the least of Gaia's problems. Literally out looking for trouble a few times a week, Gaia is addicted to the thrill of allowing her body to completely take over. An outcast and introvert, Gaia is friendless in the Big Apple. Until, Ed, a fellow classmate confined to a wheelchair, attempts to rescue Gaia from a potential stabbing. Ed is more keen on befriending Gaia than most teenagers at their school. Constantly being shoved away, Ed finds a way to wheel himself right back, drawn to the fearless girl. But Ed isn't the only one with his eyes set on Gaia. After a fellow classmate is found stabbed and is near to death, an appearance of a new guy catches Gaia's eye. Unfortunately, the dying girl just so happens to be the mysterious guy's girlfriend, whom Gaia could've saved. A connection that neither of the two had felt before passed between them, clouding each other's thoughts. There is no escaping Sam. And with the attacks becoming a nightly occurrence, Gaia knows she must do something. An underlying evil is lurking in the darkness, watching and waiting for the perfect time to strike.
I absolutely love Ed! He is so hopeless that it is adorable! Unfortunately, I don't believe it is going to work out between Gaia and him. This is the first book that I have read by Pascal, and I must say that I did enjoy it. However, I was expecting a little bit more action and suspense. Don't get me wrong, this book had a couple action scenes. I was expecting it to be nicely wrapped up in the end and discover who Marcus was. But then I saw there are 30+ books to the series, obviously it doesn't wrap up anytime soon. 
I enjoyed Pascal's writing style and 90's pop culture references Her descriptions were understandable and well detailed. However, I was a little confused with how many point-of-views were in the story. I'd read one chapter about Gaia and the next would be about a mysterious character. I get that you want to be surprised who it is in the end. But when it just uses the pronouns she and he, it can be a little confusing as to who is doing what. Besides that, I really liked the story!

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