Friday, October 14, 2016

Mindy McGinnis|Book Signing

A few weeks ago Mindy McGinnis hosted a book signing at my local bookstore to promote her newest book, The Female of the Species. Officially, it was my first 'published author'* book signing.
There were refreshments and, of course, brand new books. What more could you possibly hope for? 
The Throne
The signing was intimate. We conversed about the woes of life, living in Ohio, and writing. I absolutely loved her humor towards a specific author who has optioned her novel, Not a Drop to Drink, to become a movie.
The star has arrived!
I found it very interesting to hear about McGinnis writing process. As a visual learner, I cannot imagine how she keeps all of her research and ideas straight. 
Just casually trying to sneak a pic.
She supplied us not only with a new copy of her book but also with rejuvenated encouragement to write. 

And then the signing started:

And my anxiety reached new highs.

Just a casual chat.

It's happening!

There's her name. Right. Beside. My. Own!

In her natural habitat. 

Overall, I had a really great time. I'm planning on attending many more signings in the near future! I apologize for my amateur photography skills.

And, although the blurb ties into the book, I couldn't imagine anything better, or more accurate than the words underneath my name.

*Non-local, well-established author

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