Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Benotripia Trilogy By McKenzie Wagner|Series Review

Benotripia: The Rescue (Benotripia #1)
Published by Cedar Fort, Inc. on September 11th, 2012
Genre: Children's Fantasy
Pages: 136
Format: eBook

When her mother---the ruler of Benotripia---goes missing, Roseabelle knows she'll need the help of her best friends and their combined powers to survive the perilous journey ahead of her, rescue her mother, and save Benotripia! Written by a young author, this exciting adventure story pulls you into a true fantasy world. A suspenseful and addicting read!

The Stones of Horsh (Benotripia #1)
Published by Cedar Fort, Inc. on September 10th, 2013
Genre: Children's Fantasy
Pages: 137
Format: eBook

With the queen gone, the Darvonians have the perfect opportunity to invade Benotripia, find the Stones of Horsh, and harness their great powers. Only three children stand in their way: Roseabelle, Jessicana, and Astro. But this time, the Darvonians know not to underestimate these children, and the invaders come prepared. Roseabelle and her friends must survive long enough to save the stones.

Keys to the Dream World (Benotripia #3)
Published by Cedar Fort, Inc. on July 8th, 2014
Genre: Children's Fantasy
Pages: 144
Format: eBook

Roseabelle, Jessicana, and Astro are back! Roseabelle and her friends retrieved the Stones of Horsh but must now destroy the Darvonians’ power source if they are to survive. Return to Benotripia in this thrilling conclusion!

My Thoughts

I love supporting new and young authors. I couldn't believe McKenzie wrote and published her own book at the wee age of 11. I am extremely impressed with her writing and character development. I hope it encourages other young aspiring authors to continue to pursue their dreams. It is incredible that a girl her age wrote over 100 pages. Given, her young age, the story is obviously not flawless. Nothing ever is. But you can definitely tell how much time and effort it went into creating this story. Sure, there are some plot holes and the writing could use a little more work. But the story is still understandable. I think If I was within the age group designated towards this book, I would've enjoyed it much more than I had. But honesty, an 11-year-old wrote this, my expectations weren't too high. It is definitely for younger readers. I think it is incredible to see such determination in a little girl. I definitely saw some growth and improvement from the first book. There are still plot holes and mistakes; however, for a girl her age to be published is quite an accomplishment. Again, my expectations weren't too high. I would have enjoyed this story more if I was still in that age group. The story is very imaginative and creative, something I relate all too well. A fantastic conclusion is a great series! Not only has Mckenzie improved throughout the series, but so have her characters. I still find it hard to believe this young girl found herself with numerous published stories. I admire her determination and creativity. The covers are adorable! I am curious to see what McKenzie does in the future.

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