Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Wizard Heir By Cinda Williams Chima|Review

The Wizard Heir (The Heir Chronicles #2)
Published by Disney-Hyperion on June 10th, 2008
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 458
Format: Hardcover

Sixteen-year-old Seph McCauley has spent the past three years getting kicked out of one exclusive private school after another. And it's not his attitude that's the problem: it's the trail of magical accidents - lately, disasters - that follow in his wake. Seph is a wizard, orphaned and untrained, and his powers are escalating out of control. After causing a tragic fire at an after-hours party, Seph is sent to the Havens, a secluded boys' school on the coast of Maine. Gregory Leicester, the headmaster, promises to train Seph in magic and initiate him into his mysterious order of wizards. But Seph's enthusiasm dampens when he learns that training comes at a steep cost and that Leicester plans to use his students' powers to serve his own mysterious agenda.

My Thoughts

Joseph McCauley is a troubled 16-year-old searching for answers. After being expelled from multiple schools, his lawyer gives him no choice but to attend the Havens, a boarding school in Maine. Something seems off from the moment Seph enters, discovering that there is more to the Havens than trouble teens. Born as a wizard and raised by his foster mother, Seph finds himself alone as he endures relentless nightmares and the mysterious headmaster, Gregory Leicester. That is until he stumbles upon Jason, the most recent wizard to go against Leicester's wants. With Jason's help, Seph can escape the nightmares and daydreams, build his spellcasting skills, and look forward to the day Leicester is dead. Together the two teens devise a plan of escape, except all seems lost when Leicester discovers their plan. But miracles do happen. Once free of the Havens tight hold, Seph is swept away by no one other than Linda Downey and taken to the Sanctuary. Sheltered but not fully protected in the Sanctuary's boarders, Seph knows Leicester and the alumni are searching for him. Throw into a churning pot, Seph discovers what it is like to have courage, friends, and a family.  
This is by far one of my favorite series! I love how complex the stories are and how they intermingle with each other. Each time I read them, I go back and catch why a certain character spoke that way or why they acted as they did. Speaking of the characters, they are all well developed, bringing their own unique personalities to push the story further along. The wording was straight and to the point during the more action packed scenes and more calm and descriptive in the more tense scenes. There is something for everyone in this series. There is romance, humor, action, and emotion. An excellent read for anyone looking for an adventure into the world of magic.

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