Thursday, June 15, 2017

Stealer By A.M Yates|Review

Stealer (Stealer #1)
Published by CreateSpace on July 8th, 2016
Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
Pages: 292
Format: eGalley
A Thief. A Portal. A New World. But can she get back home again? Home alone over spring break, Dee looks forward to a week free from worries about her sliding grades, her lack of friends, and her mom’s overbearing boyfriend. But when she chases a thief out of her house, she ends up with a whole new set of troubles . . . in a whole new world. The Crescent. Where everyday objects possess extraordinary power. Where countless other worlds are mere steps away. And where the High Minister has a plan for a greater future . . . that Dee really didn’t mean to screw up. Really. Pursued by masked hunters, all Dee wants is to get back home again. Yet her every move only entangles her deeper in the fantastic and dangerous new world of the Crescent.

My Thoughts

NetGalley Review
In the beginning, the story started out strong. I was really disappointed when the remainder of the book was told in Dee’s point of view. A hackneyed, cliche tactic used to expose the reader to a new world without having to explain a single thing. 
Honestly, there really wasn’t anything different or extremely unique about this book that set it apart from many others exactly like it. Female lead is seen as an outcast due to her height and abnormal connections to inanimate objects. She quickly discovers that her mysterious father may not be entirely human, thus the reason behind her strange powers. Her mother and grandparents conveniently take a trip that same day for a week, leaving the main character to her own devices. Enter cocky male lead. Cocky male breaks within 24 hours of their departure, thus bringing out female’s alarmingly newfound bravery. (I mean seriously, Dee can stand up to a complete stranger without a second thought, but she must contemplate her actions when it comes to two fourteen year old's bullying her friend.) Inevitably, the two fall in love and must face “unforeseen” odds in the near future. Heartache. Heartbreak. Same old, same old.
I was completely hooked when I read the prologue. I was completely disappointed to be thrown into Dee’s drab life in the first chapter. When Verge finally appeared in chapter 3, I was even more disappointed because the entire encounter was a joke. He spoke how difficult it would be to enter the ‘Waste World’ if there even was one. Obviously, it didn’t take him that long to find an entrance because Dee was able to spot the bruises he’d received in the prologue. Once the author has your attention, you begin to see a few plot-holes, character flaws, and just eye roll worthy scenes.

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