Thursday, February 2, 2017

Empire of Night By Kelley Armstrong|Review

Empire of Night (Age of Legends #2)
Published by HarperCollins on April 1st, 2015
Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
Pages: 432
Format: Hardback



Their village is gone. Their friends have betrayed them. And now, they are all but prisoners in court, forced to watch and wait while the Emperor decides whether to help the children of Edgewood, who remain hostages of the treacherous Alvar Kitsune.

But when the emperor finally sends the girls on a mission to rescue the children - accompanied by Prince Tyrus and a small band of men - the journey proves more perilous than any of them could have imagined. With lies and unrest mounting in the empire, Moria and Ashyn will have to draw on every bit of influence and power they possess to unite their people and avert an all-out war.

In this second book in her epic and captivating Age of Legends trilogy, #1 New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong blends romance, danger, and magic to send readers on a heart-racing journey through an unforgettable world.

My Thoughts

Oh. My. Goodness! Where does one even begin with this book! There are many ways to describe this book. But I think the phrase that sums the entire book up perfectly would defiantly have to be: Emotion Rollercoaster. Just like Riordan, Armstrong leaves you hanging in the darnedest of places! It breaks my heart. Fortunately, I waited long enough to read this book that I won’t have to wait too much longer to read the outcome. 
Kelley Armstrong does a fantastic job of capturing the reader’s attention from the very first sentence. Her writing looks flawlessly simple to replicate. Unfortunately, it is much harder to establish the emotion and feelings that she successfully portrays throughout the book. I absolutely love her writing style in this series. It is refreshing to read a young adult novel that utilizes antiquated words and terms. I love books like this. Not only does the writing style help drive the story, but it immerses the reader into the world and all of the characters struggles. 
I love Moria’s and Gavril’s relationship! The genuine emotion tore at my heart. I loved it! Their constant bickering was incredibly enjoyable to read. As much as I want the two to be together, I just cannot see it happening without another complicated love triangle. Please tell me that is not what happens in the next book. Think of how poor, sweet Tyrus will feel. Think of the children! Do we really need a love triangle distracting the Keeper from her true duties?
In Sea of Shadows, the focused was more on Ashlyn than Moria. Ashlyn has endured many challenges and surprises due to her kind and trusting nature. I was very pleased to see the story fixated on Moria in the sequel. Whereas Ashlyn struggled with the ability to trust and travel in a pair at night, Moria struggles with her emotions. Not entirely sure of Gavril’s true intentions, Moria remains cool under pressure. Or so you think. 
I cannot wait to see where the story takes them in the next book! I highly recommended reading this if you ever have a day all to yourself!

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