Friday, January 6, 2017

Announcement|Book Club

The first week of 2017 is nearly over, but Infinite's Book Club is just beginning!

As some of you might have already noticed that there is a brand new tab floating above.

Since the birth Infinite, I've been wanting to find an easier and convenient way to connect with all of you. I love reading and participating in discussion posts. To be able to connect with others who share the same desire was something that I really wanted to include on my blog. 
One of my New Year's resolutions was to become more social. So, I figured a book club was as good as any way to start. 

Introducing Infinite's Book Club!

Joining is easy!

Each month, a 2017 new release will be chosen by you. The book can either be stand-alone or the first of the series ensuring that everyone can participate. You can post your thoughts at any time. The process is then repeated the following month.


Do not share personal information. 
Be respectful; everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. 
No cursing, name calling, bashing, ect. one's ideas and thoughts. 
No spamming or soliciting. 
Have fun!

This is a big endeavor. Thank you for all of your continued support on this bookish journey! 

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