Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Most Dislikable Characters|Top Ten Tuesday

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Today's Top Ten is:

Disclaimer: These are my own opinions. 

They are in no way meant to be taken to heart by the loyal fans. 

Please don't hate me.


A whiny main character makes it very difficult to feel sorry for her. Plus, she was so dependent on everyone! And her relationship with her boyfriend is not one you normally see in a young adult novel. It seems like all Sloane and James do is fight over keeping to together and staying strong, kiss, and have sex. The constant ‘I love you’ and ‘we’ll always be together' ‘chokes’ me to the point where I feel like throwing up. Their relationship is not good, it is awkward. I just had to scoff at what Sloane believed to be a ‘heartfelt’ gesture.
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My reaction: 

Bella Swan

Need I say more? 

Adelina Amouteru

Her constant crying and moping literally made up the entire story. I was hoping to be entertained by victorian details and epic action scenes. Unfortunately, Adelina cannot see past the mistakes others have done, leaving you to trudge your way through the story.


Oh my goodness! Does this girl even have a brain! It's one thing to be captured once in the beginning, but several times is just ridiculous. After all of the hints, the author dropped, it was no surprised as to what would happen later in the book. But Jenny somehow found a way to be completely taken aback by the turn of events. I mean, seriously, think a little.


Though she may seem independent and courageous in the beginning, we quickly discover that she is absolutely hopeless when she is in the company of a guy. She seems to lose her independence when Raffe is added into the story. Penryn attaches herself to his hip, yet somehow manages to always put herself in harms way only to have him swoop in.


You know in an apocalypse, the first thing I would think about is my family. Not figuring out ways to impress a girl and hoping one day to get lucky. My rating was also hindered by how many dirty, disgusting, and disgraceful things the characters did inside of that grocery store. 


I did not read this book willingly. It was assigned for my Contemporary Literature class. If you like inappropriate immature teenage monologue, then this book is for you! This book perfectly sums up why I hate teenagers. I wasn’t a big fan of Greg’s or Earl’s humor, mainly because to was too childish and juvenile. He used multiple analogies as examples to prove his point, which I thought were exhausting. My eyes were in a constant roll each time Greg dragged out a ridiculously dramatic story about alien barf or a polar bear’s regret. I almost took him up on his offer of coming to his house and punching him. But I made it through in one piece and actually did enjoy some aspects of the story. I know some may disagree, but I prefer this book over The Fault in Our Stars.
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Ezra Faulkner

A stereotypical guy, with a haunting backstory, looking for his next 'Girl Next Door'. 

My reaction:

Here comes the hate. I'll try to make it short.

Hazel Grace & Augustus Waters

Their humor. 

I saved the best (worst) for last! 

Tris Prior

If you have not had the chance to see some of my other low rated reviews, then you might not have seen how I compare many characters to Tris. For the life of her, Tris could not follow orders, even after growing up in Abnegation. There was no stopping her once she had her mind set on something, which if you have read the final book then you know where her stubbornness got her. I thought Tris only functioned with half of her brain because of her poor choices. Another thing, Tris' and Four's relationship was terrible. All they ever did was bicker, especially in Insurgent. I honestly, thought Divergent was good. It had action, plot twists, and mystery. But when I reached Insurgent, the story wasn’t as fast paced and eventually became a burden to read. I didn't even bother reading Allegiant. I wasn't to surprised with the ending.

My reaction:


  1. I kinda agree with Treachery of Beautiful Things, I also had some trouble with stuff Jenny did. She was frustrating for sure. And Divergent- pretty much agree, liked the first book but I never did finish the third.

  2. Yeah, I am so with you on Tris. Never did finish the series.

  3. Wha wha wha (*slap hand on the table to enforce laughter*)!!!!! So funny. I also didn't like Bella Swan. Not in the book, not in the movie. Excellent post!

  4. Oh my, excellent gifs! Especially that one in the beginning! XD I've totally felt the same way!

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  5. I totally agree with Hazel and Augustus and Tris. I didn't like any of them!
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