Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Night Speed|Waiting on Wednesday

A HUGE thanks to Jill at Breaking the Spine for hosting an incredible meme. It is fantastic that everyone can communicate and enjoy these posts by creating their own and sharing others.

Night Speed hits the shelves May 3rd, 2016.

"Only those young enough can survive the pulse-pounding rush of tetra, a dangerous and addictive new drug that fuels a nine-minute burst of superhuman strength and speed. Alana West has been trained to use the drug so she can pursue the young criminals who abuse its power—criminals like the breakneck who nearly killed her kid brother.

On tetra, Alana is unstoppable. The rush makes her an explosive blur as she surges through New York City, battling to bring down breaknecks before they leave more people dead or injured in their wake. But with the clock ticking down to her eighteenth birthday, Alana will soon be too old for the rush...when just one more dose will prove deadly.

Supported only by her strong and steady handler, Tucker, Alana goes undercover, infiltrating an elite gang of breaknecks to stop the supply of their drug. But when Alana gets trapped on the wrong side of the law, she learns the breaknecks are not quite what they seem—especially Ethan, the artistic boy whose bottomless brown eyes seem to see the truth inside her. With her own dependency on tetra increasing, Alana must decide where her loyalties lie before the rush ends. Forever. "
I'm secretly hoping Night Speed will be a lot like Tron.

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  1. Oh I like this! And you know, Tron is exactly what leaped to my mind too when I saw the cover, and then read the blurb!! Here's mine:

  2. Ooh, I think I've heard of this. It'd be cool if it were like Tron! Good pick. WoW