Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dreamfire By Kit Alloway|Review

Dreamfire (Dreamfire #1)
Published by St. Martin's Griffin on February 24th, 2015
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Pages: 368
Format: ARC

Joshlyn Weaver has always lived with a big secret. Ordinary kids spend their free time going to the movies, hanging out with friends, and searching on the internet. But for her, an evening at home usually means entering people's dreams. For many generations, her family has been part of a very powerful and very secretive society of dream walkers. Tasked with the responsibility of lowering the world's general anxiety — which only leads to war and strife in the waking world — their job has always been to stop nightmares before they go too far. By stopping nightmares while sleeping, they help to stop nightmares in real life. But when an ancient feud within the dream walker society resurfaces right when a seemingly unconnected series of very strange and very scary events start occurring during her dream walks, Josh finds herself in a race against time. The one true dream walker has never been known. Could she be the one?

My Thoughts

WARNING: This book may induce outbursts of laughter, sudden face palms, wells of tears, loud sighs, and joyful smiles. 
Filled with plot-twists, courage, action, and genuine love, Dreamfire will not disappoint. 
The beginning started out a tad slow, but rapidly picks up within a few pages. This book gave me more than a month's worth of anxiety. The action scenes were well written and kept your eyes glued to the page. It was fun read! The entire story is so complex, contains a lot of depths and is thoroughly planned out, which makes you wonder what else could happen. The world building of the Dream and the World  were overwhelmingly fantastic! I did have trouble keeping things straight and wished that the book also included a dictionary for each of the rule titles. I did very much enjoy the list of characters in the first few pages, that was very helpful. The real action doesn't begin until 150 pages left. I wish there was more action in the beginning and middle. However, the action at the end makes up for that. 
Kit Alloway's characters are what made this book so great for me. The intense character development, humor, internal, and external struggles made the story so much more interesting. I love Will! He was, by far, my favorite character throughout the entire book! I love his spunky relationship with Josh. Through his own turmoil, Will manages to keep a smile and preserve dream walking. In science fiction books as compact as this one, I’m not normally interested in romance. But I think Alloway did a perfect job of balancing it out throughout the book. Plus, it wasn’t an in your face, lovey-dovey, throw up inducing spectacle. Josh may start out as a strong female lead, but there is more beneath her surface. Will, the adorable, stubborn boy he is, will not give up on Josh. After everything Josh has been through, Will refuses to allow her mistakes cloud the goodness that has become her life. 
However, I do have to disagree with some of Josh’s actions. I understand she was grieving and desperately needed to feel some comfort. But I've read too many stories with the main character leading on one character but also doing the same to another. Honestly, I wish that wasn’t in the book. But fortunately, it was only a scene instead of the entire book.  I am so thrilled to have gotten to read this book and share my thought about it with you!

Don't forget to check out the sequel, Dreamfever, coming February 23rd!

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