Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Heart of Iron|Waiting on Wednesday

A HUGE thanks to Jill at Breaking the Spine for hosting an incredible meme. It is fantastic that everyone can communicate and enjoy these posts by creating their own and sharing others.

Heart of Iron hits the shelves February 27th, 2018.

"Seventeen-year-old Ana is a scoundrel by nurture and an outlaw by nature. Found as a child drifting through space with a sentient android called D09, Ana was saved by a fearsome space captain and the grizzled crew she now calls family. But D09—one of the last remaining illegal Metals—has been glitching, and Ana will stop at nothing to find a way to fix him.

Ana’s desperate effort to save D09 leads her on a quest to steal the coordinates to a lost ship that could offer all the answers. But at the last moment, a spoiled Ironblood boy beats Ana to her prize. He has his own reasons for taking the coordinates, and he doesn’t care what he’ll sacrifice to keep them.

When everything goes wrong, she and the Ironblood end up as fugitives on the run. Now their entire kingdom is after them—and the coordinates—and not everyone wants them captured alive.

What they find in a lost corner of the universe will change all their lives—and unearth dangerous secrets. But when a darkness from Ana’s past returns, she must face an impossible choice: does she protect a kingdom that wants her dead or save the Metal boy she loves?"

What are you waiting on? 

Monday, November 20, 2017

New Releases|November 24th, 2017

Here's a look at a few books releasing this week that I am most excited for!

"The Empire of Lucent has stood for centuries as a beacon of strength and light. But now an otherworldly realm has unleashed an army of nightmarish creatures upon the peaceful empire, spreading a lethal plague called The Decay which consumes its victims mercilessly from the inside out.

The king of the Empire of Lucent calls upon “Lady of Death” Zephera Travelle—an infamous assassin with a weakness for braided cinnamon bread and a striking aptitude for murder and mayhem. He sends her on an impossible quest to find the one person who can concoct a cure and save the realm from total annihilation. Together with her best friend Zadkiel, mage extraordinaire Brenner, girly city-guard Oriana, and broody warrior Daegan, she embarks on a journey that will test her wits, will, and sanity. Along the way, she discovers that no one—and nothing—is as it seems, including herself."

What books are you most looking forward to reading this week? 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Delphi Effect By Rysa Walker|Review

The Delphi Effect (The Delphi Trilogy #1)
Published by Skyscape on October 11th, 2016
Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction
Pages: 379
Format: eGalley

It’s never wise to talk to strangers…and that goes double when they’re dead. Unfortunately, seventeen-year-old Anna Morgan has no choice. Resting on a park bench, touching the turnstile at the Metro station—she never knows where she’ll encounter a ghost. These mental hitchhikers are the reason Anna has been tossed from one foster home and psychiatric institution to the next for most of her life.

When a chance touch leads her to pick up the insistent spirit of a girl who was brutally murdered, Anna is pulled headlong into a deadly conspiracy that extends to the highest levels of government. Facing the forces behind her new hitcher’s death will challenge the barriers, both good and bad, that Anna has erected over the years and shed light on her power’s origins. And when the covert organization seeking to recruit her crosses the line by kidnapping her friend, it will discover just how far Anna is willing to go to bring it down.

My Thoughts

NetGalley Review

You have no idea what you're getting yourself into when you first begin reading this book. In the beginning, I wasn't quite sure if this book would earn a high rating. That was until I finished the first chapter. I was incredibly intrigued. I needed to know more. 

I loved Rysa's writing! I hadn't read any of her other works before this but am now I think I might just have to. Her words were straightforward and to the point, creating a quick pace story. I like how she somehow manages to weave subtle details into the story. A paragraph may be about Anna's past but you're so intrigued that you don't necessarily care about the delay in the story. 

I found her writing to be genuine and believable. Her characters didn't feel like fictional people stumbling into each other. Their emotions and actions were what really brought the story together.

I'm always wary of love triangles. Fortunately, I don't have to add this book to the list. I liked how the emotions were there but not as sudden as most young adult books. Instead of them falling in love within the first few chapters, Rysa perfectly draws it out into a more realistic time frame.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Continent|Waiting on Wednesday

A HUGE thanks to Jill at Breaking the Spine for hosting an incredible meme. It is fantastic that everyone can communicate and enjoy these posts by creating their own and sharing others.

The Continent hits the shelves March 27th, 2018.

"For her sixteenth birthday, Vaela Sun receives the most coveted gift in all the Spire—a trip to the Continent. It seems an unlikely destination for a holiday: a cold, desolate land where two nations remain perpetually locked in combat. Most citizens lucky enough to tour the Continent do so to observe the spectacle and violence of battle, a thing long vanished in the peaceful realm of the Spire. For Vaela, the war holds little interest. As a smart and talented apprentice cartographer and a descendent of the Continent herself, she sees the journey as a dream come true: a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve upon the maps she’s drawn of this vast, frozen land.

But Vaela’s dream all too quickly turns to nightmare as the journey brings her face-to-face with the brutal reality of a war she’s only read about. Observing from the safety of a heli-plane, Vaela is forever changed by the sight of the bloody battle being waged far beneath her. And when a tragic accident leaves her stranded on the Continent, Vaela finds herself much closer to danger than she’d ever imagined—and with an entirely new perspective as to what war truly means. Starving, alone, and lost in the middle of a war zone, Vaela must try to find a way home—but first, she must survive."

What are you waiting on? 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Out of the Shadows|Book Blitz

New Releases|November 14th, 2017

Here's a look at a few books releasing this week that I am most excited for!

"Step into The City of Brass, the spellbinding debut from S. A. Chakraborty—an imaginative alchemy of The Golem and the Jinni, The Grace of Kings, and One Thousand and One Nights, in which the future of a magical Middle Eastern kingdom rests in the hands of a clever and defiant young con artist with miraculous healing gifts

Nahri has never believed in magic. Certainly, she has power; on the streets of 18th century Cairo, she’s a con woman of unsurpassed talent. But she knows better than anyone that the trade she uses to get by—palm readings, zars, healings—are all tricks, sleights of hand, learned skills; a means to the delightful end of swindling Ottoman nobles. 

But when Nahri accidentally summons an equally sly, darkly mysterious djinn warrior to her side during one of her cons, she’s forced to accept that the magical world she thought only existed in childhood stories is real. For the warrior tells her a new tale: across hot, windswept sands teeming with creatures of fire, and rivers where the mythical marid sleep; past ruins of once-magnificent human metropolises, and mountains where the circling hawks are not what they seem, lies Daevabad, the legendary city of brass--a city to which Nahri is irrevocably bound. 

In that city, behind gilded brass walls laced with enchantments, behind the six gates of the six djinn tribes, old resentments are simmering. And when Nahri decides to enter this world, she learns that true power is fierce and brutal. That magic cannot shield her from the dangerous web of court politics. That even the cleverest of schemes can have deadly consequences. 

After all, there is a reason they say be careful what you wish for . . . "

What books are you most looking forward to reading this week? 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

A Shadow Bright and Burning By Jessica Cluess|Review

A Shadow Bright and Burning (Kingdom on Fire #1)
Published by Random House BFYR on September 20th, 2016
Genre: Young Adult Historical Fiction
Pages: 416
Format: ARC

I am Henrietta Howel. The first female sorcerer. The prophesied one. Or am I?

Henrietta Howel can burst into flames. When she is brought to London to train with Her Majesty's sorcerers, she meets her fellow sorcerer trainees, young men eager to test her powers and her heart. One will challenge her. One will fight for her. One will betray her. As Henrietta discovers the secrets hiding behind the glamour of sorcerer life, she begins to doubt that she's the true prophesied one. With battle looming, how much will she risk to save the city--and the one she loves? 

My Thoughts

I’ve been meaning to read this book for quite some time. I finally got around to it. However, it was defiantly not what I was expecting or hoping it to be. 

Immediately, when I first began reading, I was brought back to the books I read when I was a child. I don’t know how to explain it, but this book was very nostalgic to me. I don’t know if I may have read something similar or just the fact that I hadn’t picked up a book for a couple of weeks. Whatever the reason, I found myself falling in love with the first chapter. There was so much potential, I couldn’t wait to dig deeper.

Unfortunately, I really had to dig to make progress in this book. It started out strong; however, the middle was pretty bland. Yes, there was a little bit of action here and there. But for the most part, I was very uninterested and bored. At times, it felt like a burden to go back to because nothing interesting was going on. At least for me, there needed to be more action to keep me interested. The training was interesting but I felt like it wasn’t progressing the story, only the character. 

Another reason why I may not have plowed through this book like I imagined I would be due to Henrietta’s character. Often times, I found myself annoyed with her character. She’s living in a castle, surrounded by attractive sorcerers, yet she still has the nerve to complain about her life. One thing that annoyed me the most was the fact that she rarely thought about Rook. Yes, she did think about him but mostly when he wasn’t well. This happens too often in young adult books, the main character is whisked away to a new fantastic place and brings along a friend. But pretty soon, they are so consumed in their lives that they don’t pay attention to the people around them. Yes, it may be a realistic aspect in some cases, but it is very much overused. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Cluess’ choice of diction. It was a bit unusual for a young adult novel; however, it worked perfectly for the time period, setting, and story.